segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2012

i have a dream

my first text in english
and it's supposed to be the first of the year. it was.

isn't because i guess its a special language or something like that,
but is because the tittle remember me a song from ABBA, that i like so much.
I dont know how to sing it with all the lyrics, but its so nice that i' ve decided to write all the text in english.

this text is important for me because im gonna talk about dreams.
everybody has wishes, goals, dreams to be reached
and dreams are utopics till become reality.

I have a lot of dreams.
I dream about find a true love.
I dream about have kids and about having that perfect life next to my true love.
in a cottage, playing with my kids... In a place 'onde eu possa plantar meus amigos, meu discos, meus livros e nada mais...'

to this happen, some of others dreams need to become reality in first place.
your know... I' ve already made true some big dreams.
some of them were judged impossible.
some, even I taught was impossible.
I've dreamed with people.
I ve been in the dream of some people.
and everything was completely realized. As if... As if it was a dream, but always believing...

we all need to dream, always or life loses its specialness
and everything we did won't be judicious
but dreaming with the feet on the ground
dreaming and acting.

i dream about living in a world that people respect eachother
that's too utopic, i know, but its easier to dream than believe that everybody love eachother.
im beeing realist
if its hard to love everyone, at least we should respect everyone
we still have time
start with you and with all around you
im sure that, when this dream that I have became true, then we will live in a better place
we will live in peace and happiness
you, me, my true love and my kids

and what about you? what's your dream?